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CAfÉ & SHOP CLOSED – So very sorry =[

On 14th April 2017 – Good Friday – we sadly had to shut the café & shop portion of Laggan Stores Coffee Bothy & Wayfarer’s Rest.   The holiday let will continue as does the sale of our business/property as a whole.   Sadly, our deportation is under way and we will be leaving our bonnie highland home in early May.  We hope new owners will soon show and minimise the time our doors will be shut.  All our plans to keep it running in our absence simply continued to fall through up to our final days.  We are so very sorry for all who have come to depend on our service and leaving so many in the lurch, both in the community and outwith.  

We are so very grateful for everyone’s  support in our difficult situation as well as the patronage and custom.

God’s blessing to you all
Jason & Christy Zielsdorf  and clann =]

STILL OPEN . . . Just being deported. =]

Many have wondered what is happening with our wee shop, coffee house, and holiday let in light of our impending deportation from the United Kingdom.  Well the short of it is, we are still open and running our wee business as we need to sell it as a going concern.  Therefore until it is sold, we hope you will still come in and enjoy all we have to offer and, then after we sell, to continue to do so with the new owners, for only we ourselves will be what will have changed.

Our business is still here for you and all who wander these wonder-filled highlands.  We are merely honoured to be your servants for a while. =]

– Jason & Christy and clann


I am pained to write that we have lost our right to remain in the UK (visas) and are being forcibly removed to Canada our home country, with deportation to follow should we tarry too long.

Sadly for us, but possibly an exciting adventure for you, we are having to sell our wee shop & coffee house & holiday letting business.  Click on the link here to go to ASG Commercial to check out our schedule for our sale.

We’ve done the resurrection and vision casting of this business, but now it needs it’s next visionaries to walk in and grow it well!  It is an wonder-filled opportunity to join in to the Laggan community and serve it in a humble way.  We hope whoever is interested in a truly life-style business would consider Laggan Stores Coffee Bothy & Wayfarer’s Rest as an honouring vocation of service and hospitality for both our Laggonites and the many visitors drawn to our amazing area.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have and dinnae feel any shame in wanting to take on our wee business for yerselves, as we have to pass the torch regardless.  So come and see if this adventure is for you! =]

– Jason


As of the 4th June 2015, Laggan Stores Coffee Bothy has open its doors and we welcome all – the hungry, thirsty, weary, and the curious of course – to come in to give us a nosey and find a place to rest, good food made to order from scratch to eat, and a great place to have a wee blether (talk)!

In our coffee bothy portion, we are currently doing all our coffee, tea, and home-made hot chocolate drinks as well as soup and sandwiches, bacon rolls, and the home baking as well!  We are yet gearing up for rolling out our home-made ice creams  and rounding out our menu with further extras.

Our shop is expanding.  We are now carrying some fruit and veggies and still the good basics: milk, cheeses, fresh eggs, home-made wholemeal bread, tinned goods, snacks and cold drinks, etc..  Of course we are still providing Calore gas, wood, coal, and kindling  too.

So come on in and do be welcome and let us serve you the best we can.  For the many who have come and enjoyed this space thus far . . . haste ye back! =]

Aiming for an Easter Opening!

Greetings Hieland Wanderers,

Just a quick not to say that the renovations on Laggan Stores Coffee Bothy are going apace and we expect to be up and running by or near Easter.  This will be our goal so as to be fully functional for the Spring anon.

So we hope we will be able to serve you with good basics, tasty bites and a space for a good blether !

Haste ye here and back again.

– Jason